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  • 24-03-2016 @ TOIKA Toronto Canada


Audiomotor is the alias of the '94 born young and uprising artist Lucas Haarmann. Lucas has been in love with music his whole life and before he discovered techno at the age of 15, he played in bands of various genres from punk to death metal and had been producing music since he was 14.

He started the project Audiomotor together with a friend back in 2010 and has been in love with techno ever since. Soon they played their first gigs and until 2013, they already had played in clubs such as the Palazzo in Bingen, the U60311 in Frankfurt or the Butan in Wuppertal.


In 2012 they found their musical home with their residency at Vollgaaas Entertainment in Wiesbaden and in the fall of 2012 they also started releasing their own productions and remixes on labels such as Brachial Kontakt and Sound of Techno.

In late 2013 Dennis and Lucas split up and Lucas continued Audiomotor as his solo project. He then joined the Black Circus, an uprising Event & Booking Agency and is now working on the further development of his sound which is best described as driving, atmospheric and emotional.


Remix for Primal Beat on Worst Nightmare EP BAK022 [Brachial Kontakt]

Remix for Scizo on Silence EP BAK020 [Brachial Kontakt]

Beyond Apokalypse EP BAK002 [Brachial Kontakt}


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  • 01-09-2017 - Subchain Butan, Wuppertal Germany